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Halloween #AtHomeParty!!

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Wearing a mask means something very different this Halloween, that’s for sure. With social distancing rules in place and limitations on gatherings, large-scale events have already been called off and the idea of trick or treating in its traditional form will be concerning for many!

But you can still get into the spooky spirit with plenty of @athomeparty ideas!

After months of seclusion and fewer social plans than ever, even those families who don't usually make a fuss about the holiday are wanting something to look forward to, so it may feel apt to make a big deal of it in your home this year.

But aside from dressing up to sit in the house, what can we do to make it special?

There are still some ways we can celebrate the season while still following the government guidelines and being aware of local restrictions where children going from door to door in groups is not recommended.

While you can't attend a Halloween party this year, don't forgo celebrating! Why not plan an AT HOME PARTY?!

1. Decorate your HAUNTED house

Make an extra effort to decorate your home in ghoulish aesthetic. You could choose the traditional scary theme or go for a more cute design for your kids - but go ALL OUT and give them a SPOOKTACULAR to remember!

You could buy a Halloween PARTY BOX that includes everything you need to decorate your home from a party stylist or make some DIY decorations such as black cats and witches hats from craft paper (there's an abundance of ideas on Instagram and Pinterest these days!).

Now that the evenings are becoming darker, spooky lights or battery candles in different Halloween colours would definitely set the scene for your spooky shin-dig.

2. Dressing up - GO BIG!

I love just about everything about Halloween, but dressing up in Halloween costumes is the single most exciting part, and is almost as good as the sweets and chocolate when you’re a kid! Halloween costumes are traditionally based on spooky or frightening beings such as vampires, zombies, ghosts, skeletons, witches etc. However, costumes based on characters in films and literature are becoming equally as popular such as superheroes or Roald Dahl characters.

For the younger children, non-scary characters at Halloween, including princesses, fairies, angels, cute characters could also be a good choice.

Make a big effort with your outfits this Halloween! Let's face it, even if you are not usually comfortable with the idea of costumes and guising, the majority

Have a go at face painting for your children. You don't need to be Picasso for them to enjoy your face artwork - big brand face paints come with plenty of easy-to-follow designs. Inevitably, the whole family will end up being painted. You’ve been warned!

3. Virtual party - Monster Mash style!

We've all become experts by now on the art of virtual calling! Organise a party on Zoom or Houseparty. Invite all of your family or your kid's friends for a virtual Halloween party, dressing up in the perfect Halloween costume (at least from the waist up!) with a ghoulishly decorated background to match.

Show off costumes, have everyone vote for the best costume — it'll all be fun!

You could learn the words to a Halloween theme tune or make it karaoke style. Zoom makes it easy to share your computer screen so that everyone can follow along and sing to their hearts' content.

Maybe even learn the moves to Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' (if you don't know it already that is). If it’s a particularly complicated dance, you could send it to everyone beforehand to learn in their own time and then bust some serious moves at the party. Plan a time for you all to dress up, catch up, and enjoy!

3. Halloween treasure hunt!

You can have lots of fun with a spooky Halloween Treasure Hunt! Hide the Trick or Treat prizes throughout the house or garden. Set a timer to make it a race, and then give an extra prize to the one finds the most in the fastest time!

Or write out clues and place them all around the house. They clues could eventually lead up to a grand prize at the end! The prize could be a cauldron of sweets or chocolate or another treat that your kids would enjoy.

4. Ghoulish goodies 

Homemade Halloween treats that are sure to put a spell on you! The possibilities are endless and sure to delight your bellies. Get some Halloween shaped cookie cutters and bake a simple biscuit recipe, then let the kids have decorating them with icing and sprinkles. Let their imaginations run wild experimenting with cute, creepy and scary designs.

5. Halloween Piñata

Halloween wouldn't be the same with out sweet treats, let’s be honest. Trick or Treating is all about the sweets and chocolate! You can still get your sugar fix from a Halloween Pinata. Available in all sorts or spooky designs, this is a great game for your children with a big reward to boot.

Its also super easy to make your own! A simple papier mache recipe or cardboard shape with some tissue paper tassels can be transformed into a delicious delight for all the family.

6. Kids costume parade

Another fun idea for Halloween that doesn't involve congregating is a costume parade! Organise a time with your neighbours or kid's friends, dress the kids up and hop in the car, following a predetermined map of houses of neighbours or friends, so that everyone can see each other's costumes. Or, if you have a smaller group, you could have all of the kids mask up and stand in a line down the sidewalk or along a big yard, then one family at a time can walk around from a distance, looking at everyone's costumes.

Remember that everyone loves celebrating! You can still get into the spooky spirit and Treat your little ones to an AT HOME PARTY!

Have fun everyone!

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